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January 26, 2014

Amazon Alexa / Country Risers

Blog Entry: ~Gage


Do you have an Amazon enabled listening device, or TuneIn Radio?

You can now ask your device to "Play Hot Country 100 Radio." (Sorry, but we have no control over commercial inserts that they may play. As a reminder listening is always available commercial free by listening from our website, android phone app, and ROKU TV).


Our February Country Risers will begin airing on February 5 and end on February 23, 2024. The Risers will be posted to the Country Risers page on February 5, 2024. 




January 5, 2024

Country Risers for Month of January

Blog Entry: Gage Dalton


After a one week delay due to the internet broadcast issues our Country Risers for the month of January will start airing on Monday, January 8, 2024 and will run until January 28, 2024. To find out who the Risers for January are head to the Country Risers page starting on Monday. Have a great weekend. ~ Gage



January 2, 20224

It's Fixed

Blog Entry: Gage Dalton


Happy New Year everyone!

The problem with buffering, dropouts, timeouts, as of 5pm. EST. today has been resolved. We are back at 100%.

I will not bore you with my thoughts, be assured that the situation, while fixed, we will continue to have advanced techs on call to address anything with bits n pieces getting lost in cyberspace. I will have an update to post on our Country Risers for January in the next day or two. Happy Streaming! ~ G 



December 28, 2023

End of Year / New Year

Blog entry: Mark Evans


Ok, so 2023 will be not ending in a way I'd hoped for. First, although not as bad, I am aware of buffering and dropout problems with the Hot Country 100 internet stream.

We are for the most part as of this writing about 85% back to where we need to be as far as our current stream. This is subject to change once again! It can get worse or, finally be fix within the next week or so. Please know that this is not something we here at Evans Broadcasting can resolve on our own. This goes way past us, and affects others as well. After a meeting this morning with the heads of three different groups, I'm assured that the problem isn't something that can be fixed by anyone in our group. I have been told that this problem is downline and a much deeper issue than with just us alone. I'm told to expect an update on a plan for a complete fix within 48 - 72 hours.

Second, Im happy that we have the loyal listerner base that we do. I've heard you, I know your frustrations, I've lived it for about a month and a half just like you have. While I can apologize over and over, I know for some it may not be enough. I know some listeners choose to move on and quite frankly can't blame them. For those that are still with us, again THANKS. I am committed to seeing this through and for the stream to be fully restored. Hopefully sooner than later!

Third, I'm asking programming to delay the launch of our January Country Risers until the streaming problems are fixed. Gage Dalton will be back at work next week and I will have him keep you updated, and you can always get info on the Country Risers Page on this website.

I do want to wish each and every one of you a happy and safe ending to 2023, and the best New Year ever!

Again, thanks for your loyalty and dedication to Hot Country 100 CNTY Radio.



December 23, 2023

Streaming Hot Country 100 CNTY Radio

Blog entry: JD

Testing wrapped up today on our stream. The stream at present seems to provide a more stabilized listening experience for our streaming listeners.

This was something totally out of control, and while I could name the name of the Company responsible, I won't.  This problem got worse as the days passed, however being in the Holiday spirit, I'll just leave with this final note for now. Merry Christmas everyone!  JD Daniels



December 19, 2023

Stream Stabilized

Blog entry: Mark Evans

As of 6:30 am. this morning our stream has stabilized enough to return the broadcast to the Internet.

While listening intermittent buffering may still occur. Please know that we continue to work to get our stream levels back to support steady uninterrupted levels. We will have techs conducting test today. This may cause temporary outages for very short periods of time. Again, please accept our apology as we work to completely restore our online broadcast of Hot Country 100 CNTY Radio. 



December 18, 2023

Off Air!

We will resume broadcast on 12/19/2023 around Noon EST. 

This is due to the intermittent drop outs and buffering that have made it nearly impossible to broadcast a stream of Hot Country 100 CNTY Radio.

We will also take this time to update our server as we prepare for 2024.

Thanks for understanding!



December 18, 2013

Internet Buffering / Music Skips

Blog entry form JD Daniels


We are aware of intermittent issues with drop outs and buffering.

Please know we are on it and hope to have the problems fixed soon.

It is a problem on our side. Not your data or wifi provider!!

We apologise for the current inconvenience.


December 5, 2023

Country Risers / Holiday Programming

blog entry from Mark Evans


Country Risers are taking their yearly break for the month of December.  Our first set of Country Risers for 2024 will be announced and begin airing on January 2nd. If you know of a rising Artist interested in airplay and potentially be named as a Riser, head to our Country Riser page to find out how to nominate them.


It is with a heavy heart that I imform you that our Traditional Holiday programming will no longer be a part of Hot Country 100 CNTY radio. The recent rebrand, and with so many other options on the internet, we've decided that the Holiday programming no longer fits a need here at the station. So it will be our Hot Country format through the Holiday Season. Although we will forego Holiday Music, That in no way should reflect on the station's stance for the reason for the season.




November 22, 2023

Turmiol to Triumph

blog entry from Mark Evans


First and foremost as we celebrate Thanksgiving, I'd like to give a huge thank you to our listeners who tune in each and every day. You are the reason we do this!


It was about this time last year when I had to make a difficult decision. I had received news about some awful shenanigans that were running rampant amongst half of our staff. The embarrassment of what I was told, had me ready to pull the plug entirely on our broadcast. I was ready to end nearly a decade of broadcasting on the internet. 

To make a really long story short, Thanksgiving Day is tomorrow. If I ever had to give thanks for any one thing this past year it would be to my General Manager, Gage Dalton.

It was Gage who was running the show at the time of turmiol this time last year. He was the one person I decided had to go after hearing really troubling news about the actions of many here at the station during that time. It wasn't until a full investigation was conducted and completed that I had a chance to address issues found in the discovery. I personally had to contact Gage and invite him back. He was a victim in this just as much as those who were affected.

Gage and I had a one on one meeting. During the meeting he broke down and made several promises and vowed to dedicate any and all time necessary to seeing this station back to it's basic standards and wanted his hands invoved in rebuilding our integrity.

Since last year, I've never seen anyone work harder. From his return to now, he has dedicated his time, taken time to learn, and grow as a person as well. Through all the Holidays of last year until this morning, Gage has been the go to guy. He was able to convince me of all people to rebrand from Lightning Country to Hot Country 100.

This morning was Gage's last day of 2023. Why? you may ask. Well Gage will be spending some well deserved time off until the New Year. He's earned it! He most definitely deserves it more than any person I've ever had to work with in broadcasting. When things got tough, and they did. He pressed forward, when he was ready to call it quits, he didn't! He kept going!

With that being said, Gage please take this time for yourself and your family. You will be missed for a short time, but man I really look forward to 2024. 

Our plan was to have me voice the mornings beginning next Monday and for Gage to work on things behind the scenes. Much to his surprise, I started back as the voice of mornings on Hot Country 100 this morning. We celebrated him! We sent him on a much needed long vacation. I will miss him, but wanted this time for him for all his hard work and dedication to be recognized, to give him back what he missed during this time last year. It's been a long hard fight, Gage never gave up. Most importantly he fullfilled and exceeded all expectations.  For that, myself and everyone here say Thank You Gage! I'm thankfull for you this Thanksgiving. Without you we wouldn't be here today.  From turmoil to triumph, you rock bud! Out of retirement for a bit, I have it until 2024, enjoy your time.

Mark Evans


November 2, 2013

Just wanted to stop by and give a couple of updates...

Last weekend (Saturday) our brand new server experienced a fatal crash. The disk and programming were completly lost. We are currently using our old sysytem to continue to broadcast. The server is undergoing repairs and no date has been established as a return to service.


The last Country Risers of the year, and for the month of November will be announced on Monday (11-6). The Risers will air November 6 - 27, 2023. The list will be available on our site beginning Monday. As a reminder, Country Risers do not air during the month of December. They will return for 2024 on January 8, 2024.


Mark Evans returns as the voice of mornings...soon. I'm excited for this as a push is underway for him to come back and host mornings live in 2024. I can say talks remain positive at this time, however nothing final to report.


ROKU problems of the title falling behind the posterboard on certain songs is being looked into. Thanks for letting us know of this problem. With a possible fix, an update to the Hot Country 100 app will be pushed out soon. Your app will automatically update. No need to re-download.


Country Partners will expand just a bit as we enter into the Holiday Season. All partners will be on our Partner page and scattered among the other pages within our site. Please support them as they are the ones that keep us broadcasting everyday.


In closing, nothing to report on our Holiday programming as of yet. I'll keep you posted on this blog.  ~G.



October 1, 2023

The October Country Risers will begin airing on October 2 and end on October 27, 2023. Visit our Country Risers page to learn more, and to nominate one of your favorites.
Dayparts are now underway beginning today (Oct. 1) The following people will now be added as the voices of Hot Country 100. You can now listen to me, Gage from 6am. - Noon. (Mark Evans will fill this spot soon) from Noon - 6pm. Jack (JD) Daniels, 6pm. -Midnight will be filled by Luna Lynne, and Midnight - 6am. Matthew (Matt) Tyler. We hope you welcome them and enjoy the unique sounds they now bring to the station.  All times are EST. We promised a change in the air this fall, I hope we delivered. Happy listening! ~ Gage



September 27, 2023

Well it's been over two weeks since our Brand Name Change. We are working to update some listening platforms with the new name. The completion date is set for October 1, 2023. For all things associated with Hot Country 100, please refer to this blog for updates, reports of outages, and since we are not a part of Social Media, anything that may affect you as a listener. We ushered in a new ROKU Station with the brand name change. The Lightning Country Channel will be removed at the end of this year, so please update your ROKU listening app to the Hot Country 100 version. TuneIn has updated to the new brand, and this site is the official site for Hot Country 100 CNTY Radio. While we continue to get things updated over the next couple of days, the Music will not change, however some other noticeable on air changes are on the way. Stay tuned and happy listening ~ Gage